The Squirrel and Acorn Bookshop


The Squirrel and Acorn Bookshop will be an independent bookshop where stories are discovered and created, voices heard and celebrated, and where imagination and a bit of whimsy are constant companions during your visit. Grand [...]

The Squirrel and Acorn Bookshop2022-10-31T16:50:38-04:00

Student Book Store


The Big Blue on the Corner! Your finest source for Penn State merchandise and textbooks. Founded in 1966, SBS has been a Happy Valley tradition for over 50 years.

Student Book Store2020-11-03T13:01:25-05:00

Webster’s Bookstore Cafe


Elaine is the owner of Webster's Bookstore Cafe, but got here with the help of a a long line of supporters. She knew, despite how crazy it seemed to others, that by combining all of [...]

Webster’s Bookstore Cafe2020-11-18T11:29:53-05:00

Comic Swap, Inc.


Lane Carpenter opened the doors to the Book Swap back in 1976. Over three decades, one name change, and two owners later Comic Swap Inc is now owned by John Secreto. The Swap specializes in [...]

Comic Swap, Inc.2020-11-03T12:54:13-05:00
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